Miguel Bosé Paroles

Miguel Bosé Mamma, Mamma Letras

Mamma, mamma

Sleep away your yesterday!

Mamma, mamma

What the hell is on today?

I’m king and yet a beggar

I must doubt myself

in everything but love, oooh ahhh

I’m a winner, I’m a poet

Look! It’s written on my aura, all above

I believe, I believe in your light

Take it easy babe, prove it all night…


Make me cling to your emotions

Being your very first attention, let me die

Wanna stick to your tongue

Like a prayer, like a speech, or like a lie

I’m a man, not a boy

Can you hear me? I’m a man!

Look at me, I’m a man, I’m a man!


I was born to be a runner

But my feet and shoes

Are rooted in the ground

Got a hot dream in my pocket

And a twenty in my wallet, come around.

I believe in your light

Will you stay in tonight ?

Hold me tight,

Prove it now! Prove it now!

(Chorus, x2)